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It's been a week since the launch of Peoplemon.

This project has been a personal interest of mine for a long time. While I figured it had some broader appeal, I never really tried to imagine how popular the game would be.

It turns out a lot of people are interested! I am surprised and honored by the amount of interest you all have shown in Peoplemon. Everyone who bought the game, thank you very much.

Some games show the words "thanks for playing" after you finish them. It's sort of odd: books don't say "thanks for reading" on the last page, and movies don't say "thanks for watching instead of walking out or turning it off or something."

But in a  game it always made some sense. After overcoming a game's challenges, it's quite nice to see this almost personal message of thanks from the makers of the game. It made me aware that human beings made that whole thing; that it was all some kind of intimate (if disembodied) conversation with them; and that they're happy that I, Alex Stuart, would pay attention to what they were saying. It really completed the whole endeavor.

This new game doesn't contain those words. So, allow me to now say it myself, to each of you who played Peoplemon: thank you for playing! Your support has really completed this whole endeavor of mine.

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